Strategic Guidance – Will your message engage the target group? Are there customers out there that you haven’t thought of? Honestly, a study is not always necessary, I might as well have the insights already. Many years of studies and analysis have given me a bank of knowledge that could be exactly what you are looking for.

Studies – Ethnographic studies of specific phenomena, places, behaviour. Most people are aware of trends and the world around them, but few people grasp reality. By means of ethnographic studies it is possible to quickly detect when change occurs, when new trends are established and new behaviour manifested. It is also possible to find white areas, that is, unsatisfied customer and consumer needs.

Lectures – My subject, how we really behave, is as interesting as it is useful, and for many people, entertaining. Therefore I often give lectures and conduct workshops. Participants range from the directors of a small company to hundreds and even perhaps thousands of people. I have some ”standard subjects”, for example Tribes & Trends, Consumer Culture, How to be human-centered or Media behaviour of young people – but of course I can arrange a lecture, workshop or theme day to suit your requirements.

People Visits – The People Visits Path is a unique programme that deciphers the complexities of consumer behaviour in a combination of theory, practice and reflection. Bring your organisation to the customer, all the way down to their kitchen table. See separate tab above.



There are many trend spotters and trend lecturers, but few who anchortheir trends in the way people actually live their lives. The real deal. For businesses that want to stay relevant these insights are key. Witty, sharp and humorous!

David Lillewarg, Senior Strategist Doberman


A lecture that exhilarates outdated insights and questions taken for granted knowledge about humans.

Mia Lundström, Identity Leader Global Marketing Communication IKEA


Katarina have the keen eyes of a genuine anthropologist. She has the ability to “see through” and discover what people’s emotions, desires, needs and abilities truly are.

Sergio Correa de J. Medina, Professor of Design, Elisava Barcelona Shool of Design & Engineering