In the TV news

Will the next generation disconnect? A short feature in the Swedish TV news Rapport about the effects of being connected most of the time.

Ethnographic study about Idol

This week our study about the tv programme Idol will be available for everyone who is interested. Just click on this link to Medierådet and order your copy. The report tell you all about the methods used and all insights found!

Old and new media

There are some fundamental differences between “old” and “new” media. Old media is objective and still synonymous with power from an “elite” which is not obvious to trust and also perceived as tedious. New media is free (Internet) and private (cellphone). You are the producer and you decide whether you want to be disturbed or … Continued

the multicultural riddle

Neither I can ignore the recent event in Rosengård. In short, currently there is a huge debate in Sweden about the values with in our police force. The incident that fueled the discussion was some recorded racists police statements, aimed at young people in a Swedish suburb populated by, well let’s call them “people with … Continued

the essence of “time” and “place”

When doing ethnographic fieldwork the understanding of time and place is one of the most essential tools for a cultural analysis. I think it was Stuart Hall, and probably a whole bunch of other cultural theorists, who said that everything that people say is contextual and therefore positioned. So… in order to fully understand a … Continued