Tribes & Trends

Businesses that are to survive in the future must understand the lifestyles of their consumers and be present in their everyday lives. It’s time to keep your ear to the ground – this means you have to devote attention to watch and listen to your consumers. The extensive shift in the consumer-led economy is only in its infancy. … Continued

“Don’t mention you’re an anthropologist”​

Ten years ago I founded my company Inculture, enthusiastic but still in doubt about the possibility to make a living as an anthropologist outside academia – especially without compromising anthropological theory and method and thus enter into ordinary market research, even if disguised! A professor in anthropology told me, I had better not to mention … Continued

New report about the Swedish modern family

Sweden is ranked t​he ​most individualistic and secular country and one of the most equal countries in the world. At the same time Swedes strives for consensus more than self-expressing. This affects of course how we look at family and relationship. Swedes are open minded and different kinds of family structures are not seen as … Continued


The ethnographic method may seem subjective and appear to be implemented at random,  but the method is composed of a number of rules and methodological tools. It is not only about going out and looking at people in a shopping mall. Nor is it about filming a number of people in their living rooms. Focus … Continued

I share therefore I am

A comparative cross-cultural ethnographic study has been carried out in Sweden, Finland and Scotland. The results from Scotland and Finland agree well with the results that Inculture has seen in Sweden based on nearly 10 years’ studies of young people and media behaviour. This shows that the evolution taking place is very similar in the … Continued

Journal of Business Anthropology

In the latest issue of Journal of Business Anthropology, Volume 2, Issue 2 (2013), I’ve written a short piece about being a “business anthropologist”. Grant McCracken suggests that every company in the future will need a chief culture officer, someone who carries the anthropological way of thinking into the heart of the company and makes … Continued

Article about Inculture’s work

Tendens Special has written a good summary of Inculture’s view on applied anthropology in a branding context. Unfortunately it’s in Swedish. Contact us if you want to read the full-length article.

Stroll around Märsta “city”

Was asked to stroll around Märsta “city” in Sigtuna Kommun and see what “place” it is. Each place must take their history, their identity, in possession and not become a non-place – which are planned and steeped in the same shape, where people who live there become alone and alike, just as everyone else. In … Continued

Media behavior in Finland and Scotland

Inculture is involved in a multicultural study to provide both Swedish (in Finland) and Gaelic media and language policy-makers meaningful information on the media habits and digital communication habits of young bi-lingual Scottish Gaelic speakers and Swedish speakers in Finland and their families. The broadcaster and the language planning agency (and others, especially academia) together … Continued

Health and social media

Today Inculture present a project about health in modern society (for Proviva, Danone). Part of the project has focused on how social media affect us. The social health that can be achieved through the immediacy and closeness of friends on social media as Facebook can easily be converted into negative emotions when you read about … Continued