My TEDx Talk

My TEDxStockholm Talk with the title ”The stubborn focus on the rational mind lead to climate collapse” is live at and Youtube. Enjoy! Description: Information and facts will save the climate from our destructive behaviour… Well certainly not, according to anthropologist Dr. Katarina Graffman. We are not rational beings living in a social and cultural … Continued

Living in a world with too many options

I was interviewed by Spoon on Hyperchoice. Read the whole article here. ‘We live in a time where the idea of the freedom of choice has become a kind of religion, and we’re constantly forced to shift from making small decisions to making bigger commitments with larger dimensions – every day, ‘ she says. So, … Continued

Tribes & Trends

Businesses that are to survive in the future must understand the lifestyles of their consumers and be present in their everyday lives. It’s time to keep your ear to the ground – this means you have to devote attention to watch and listen to your consumers. The extensive shift in the consumer-led economy is only in its infancy. … Continued

Conversation with IKEA and Tom Dixon

I was happy when IKEA asked me to lead the conversation with James Futcher, Creative Leader IKEA, and Tom Dixon, designer @tomdixonstudio, at the launch for beDELAKTIG. I introduced the conversation with a short talk, ending with this: “Only by understanding Consumer culture, its trends and anti-trends, and the social role of consumption in the … Continued

We are What We Buy

The last six years I have been working on a book together with Jacob Östberg, professor in advertisement and PR at Stockholm Business school, Stockholm University. Unfortunately it is in Swedish. The title is “We are What We Buy. Consumer Culture is Here to Stay”. Dr Bob Deutsch, who is a cognitive anthropologist, founder and … Continued

“Don’t mention you’re an anthropologist”​

Ten years ago I founded my company Inculture, enthusiastic but still in doubt about the possibility to make a living as an anthropologist outside academia – especially without compromising anthropological theory and method and thus enter into ordinary market research, even if disguised! A professor in anthropology told me, I had better not to mention … Continued

Is the client capable of generating insights?

To end this year I’d like to publish an article from a good friend of mine, Siamack Salari. He describes a situation with a client that sometimes happen to me too. When the client wants to be part in the research phase but actually can’t make any interpretation of what they see. Read and enjoy: … Continued

New report about the Swedish modern family

Sweden is ranked t​he ​most individualistic and secular country and one of the most equal countries in the world. At the same time Swedes strives for consensus more than self-expressing. This affects of course how we look at family and relationship. Swedes are open minded and different kinds of family structures are not seen as … Continued

Cultural branding

Identity brands are positioned in the consumer’s daily life rather than in their minds. That’s why knowledge about cognitions and the buying decision process won’t help you if that’s what you are trying to accomplish. You need to understand the consumer’s identity projects, their desires and anxieties in their everyday life, collectively constructing and maintaining their identities.Those … Continued


This year Inculture will start the project InfluencersLab. Influencers, or lead users, inspire other consumers; what lead users are thinking and doing today, other consumers will think and do tomorrow. Having insights into the world of influencers will enable a company to be one step ahead. The insights from the lab will be of anthropological … Continued