The Oracle Podcast

BRING MORE HUMANITY INTO OUR SOLUTIONS!   Had the pleasure to be invited to The Oracle podcast.  It’s a podcast “where you will meet passionate people who share their visions for how we can meet todays global challenges. They come from different fields of expertise : architecture, medicine, farming, design and many more. From their … Continued

Round table discussion on applied anthropology

Had the honor to moderate the following round table discussion at The Swedish Anthropological Association (SANT) Conference in Gothenburg:   How can anthropology compete in a world of number crunching? Round table discussion on anthropological work outside the academy   Every day, employees in companies, authorities and other organizations in Sweden use their anthropological knowledge for … Continued

Stockholm Design and Architecture Talks

I have the honor to be in a panel at Stockholm Design and Architecture Talks, broadcasted February 8-10. The session is called Sustainable Vocabulary and the other panelists are Yrsa Lindberg and Ivana Kildsgaard. Moderater is Hanna Nova Beatrice. ”The factors contributing to climate change are complex, and so is the vocabulary coming with it. With … Continued


I have recently noticed a clear change in how companies and organizations relate to insights in order to gain knowledge and information. In an increasingly complex age marked by globalization, the digital environment, climate change and pandemic, one might think that the need to truly understand humans and the potentials for change and innovation would be more fundamental than ever. Most of … Continued

Flipa Summit Business Anthropology 2021

Tomorrow I will speak at Flipa Summit Business Anthropology: No more need to understand humans? For the last couple of years we have heard companies state that they ”put the human being in center”, claiming that rather than being product oriented they now strive to be consumer oriented. To be fully true to a statement … Continued

A sustainable closet

Was interviewed for the blog a sustainable closet. Link here! One question was: What do you believe needs to change? We have to change perspective, from this stubborn focus on the individual, the consumers, to focus on the companies and politicians! It’s the neoliberal ideology that dominates the world today and that system celebrates the … Continued

The misuse of mobile ethnography

More and more companies believe that they do ethnography when buying what different research firms call “mobile ethnography”. But really? I zoomed my good friend Siamack Salari, leading expert in ethnographic research, to explore how mobile ethnography is being misused and to hear his views. Siamack has a long experience of working with mobile technology in … Continued

Corporate Unplugged #111

How anthropology grows companies with Katarina Graffman How can a cultural anthropologist help some of the biggest companies in the world? Accomplished anthropologist, author and trainer, Dr Katarina Graffman, says what people do, not what they say they do, is her business.  Katarina helps companies spot the opportunities that they don’t even know are available. … Continued

Why anthropology?

In a world which is becoming ever more complex, not least when it comes to predict consumer behaviour and understand the role of brands as enforcers of identity, the demand for a more profound and enlarged knowledge in related fields has increased markedly. It is a well-known fact that humans often do not act what … Continued

Time for change

Triple the government support for Swedish companies and demand sustainable business models. The Corona-crisis offers, amid all hardship it produces, an unprecedented opportunity for radical transformation of business life. Me and Harvard Business School Professor Amy C. Edmondson had the pleasure to give some food for thought to entrepreneur Mathias Eriksson. Link to translated article … Continued