the secret cook is everywhere

I was on an airplane browsing through a recent Inculture report when a curious/friendly co passenger leaned over my shoulder and asked: “Do you work with ecological food?” The report-title included the term “ecological” so the question wasn’t too far-fetched. I found myself nodding, not in the mood to explain anthropology (hmm) whereupon he started … Continued

consumers’ relation to ecological food

Of all the studies we have done I have never been so puzzled by the one that examined the question above. Food is a cultural and contextual matter and when you have the luxury of making choices on what to eat, “good food” is one of the most flexible, negotiable and unfixed phenomenon we ever … Continued

how to know what you didn’t know you knew – and how do you know when you know that what you knew was what you wanted to know?

Crazy, but very relevant. You see, we’ve been doing fieldwork for Vägverket focusing on getting a holistic view of the total experience of driving in relation to road quality. When I was presenting the study yesterday, one of the Research Analysist said: “It is so weird. I have been analyzing details within this field for … Continued

old discourses – wrong food for thought

Even if most of us aspire reflection (for instance relating recent experiences to earlier ones in order to produce more complex thoughts), we sometimes get stuck in old discourses giving us the wrong food for thoughts. Strategies, questions, are being formulated and framed on the basis of this misleading (maybe obsolete) knowledge. I have recently … Continued

tip of the day – how to deal with stress when driving

Spending time with informants is such a privilege. Not only do they welcome me into their private lives, they allow me to explore their personal world – an amazing source of information on human behavior. That’s way the ethnographic method is so central for in-depth understanding of people. The other day I was doing fieldwork … Continued

trustworthy commercials – how to make a message get a cross

Youths are very skilled in selecting what’s real and what’s phony in the commercialized world. Sometimes a simple message – just telling like it is by a person they trust – is all it takes for a commercial to get across as honest and trustworthy.  “I really like Dogge Doggelitos commercial for Elgiganten”, Omar (17 … Continued

new generation, new ideals

Difficult times have fostered a new type of mentality in Sweden and I am not referring to the crises of today. Kids, youths, that was borne in the 90-ties have always been raised in a state of crises, stress and insecurity. The rest of us, borne in the 40ties, 50ties, 60ties, 70ties and 80ties, we … Continued

the multicultural computer world

Since I came back to Sweden from spending almost five years in the US, I quickly realized that I had to make a significant change in my life. It concerned a major alteration of my core habits and values. I had to put my identity to test. You see, I was a Mac-user – but … Continued