Street corner culture in the suburbs of Sweden

Two current events have made us revisit the theme of street corner culture. One of them is the never-ending fireriots in Rosengård, the other is a recent gathering held with some of our younger informants. It’s very obvious that street corner culture amongst the younger is a symptom of a social exclusion that is two … Continued

stuff white people like?

In some way the blogosphere is a great field for ethnographic studies and everything is worth some examination regardless of the topic. It doesn’t always have to be so serious or intellectual, the average person just ain’t that deep. The extremely popular blog (now book and soon to be a tv-series) Stuff White People Like … Continued

a modern woman

Ask any woman if she considers herself to be a modern woman and few will say “no”. The other alternative is just not attractive. But what does it mean to be a modern woman? ”My baby is only 3 months old and I am starting to feel that urge to be free. Get out. Go to … Continued

we are marked before we are born

The other day Swedish Radio sent a program titled Boende påverkar fostret (Housing effects fetus) saying that our housing area lay the foundation for our unborn babies health. The comparison was made between a posh Stockholm area (Östermalm) and a, what they call, a “socially segregated neighborhood” in Stockholm (Fittja). Living conditions and its relation … Continued

att leka svensk

Sorry, this one must be in Swedish. Fältanteckningar, februari 2009. ”Min pappa läser tidningen på morgonen. Svenskan. Han har svensk flickvän, så det är därför. Han skulle inte tänka tanken på att beställa hem tidningen om det inte var för henne.” (Sara 16 år) ”Ahh. Min farsa försökte också göra det …. eller han gjorde det … Continued

how to merge CRM and CIM without getting too much information

For the past few years CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has been the obvious model for any business interested in creating customer satisfaction. Today’s article in Dagens Media is however pointing out that the next step, CIM (Customer Involvement Management) is crucial for addressing the next generation consumers, that is – people that grew up with … Continued

a pleasure to “go native” with teenagers

A current Inculture project have once again focused my attention on youngsters of today. As much as I get annoyed by the excessive commercial interest in youth culture – it is always a pleasure to “go native” with teenagers on the verge of becoming adults. They always, quite elegant, manage to simplify complicated issues. For … Continued

the multicultural riddle

Neither I can ignore the recent event in Rosengård. In short, currently there is a huge debate in Sweden about the values with in our police force. The incident that fueled the discussion was some recorded racists police statements, aimed at young people in a Swedish suburb populated by, well let’s call them “people with … Continued

the essence of “time” and “place”

When doing ethnographic fieldwork the understanding of time and place is one of the most essential tools for a cultural analysis. I think it was Stuart Hall, and probably a whole bunch of other cultural theorists, who said that everything that people say is contextual and therefore positioned. So… in order to fully understand a … Continued