Food is a cultural bearer

What is one of the first things one tries when one visits a (new) country? Just what I thought – food! I mean, who would go to Thailand and not eat a Tom Yam Kung or who misses out on a Tiramisú in Italy?!

Organic vs local part 1

What do you prefer? Organic food in large scales or locally produced food in rather small scales? The latter? – Not surprising at all. The organic boom has blown up and now the ashes and the after effect is what is left. The after effect being locally produced food! Is this the new belief, just … Continued

In the culture

What will be the next big behavior, trend and brand preference? Without deep understanding of contemporary culture companies and organizations are living in constant uncertainty surrounding these issues. By understanding culture and cultural change one can also understand consumers on a more fundamental level.

Fashion make people react

Apparently fashion and the way people dress and choose their clothes is still a much disputed topic. Young adults are often the aim for this discussion. And more often it is older people who are the ones who points fingers.

Food – A new pop culture

SVT´s new show Landet brunsås was aired 3 weeks ago and as an anthropologist I can´t overlook the anthropological aspect of the show. Food discussions are very common in the anthropological arena and as the late cultural anthropologist Mary Douglas stated in her book Purity and Danger (1966) schemes of classification regarding food exists everywhere.

BoBo buys fairtrade coffee and travels to Bali

I make my own muesli – I enjoy picking out the most delicious looking almonds, the most healthy seeds, the most colourful fruits and mix it with organic and fairtrade oatmeal. In that way I start my morning just the way I like it  And, yes, it is very boboitian!

Second hand feeling – feeling what others feel

Watching a beautiful reunion of a wild lion with its former owner brings many people to tears. Laughing at a little kitten or a cute panda sneezing, or the latest; a baby elephant sneezing and scaring itself. These are sweet little youtube-clips that may brighten our day. There are of course millions – billions maybe?! … Continued

Digital responsibility

We are all aware of the millions of possibilities that the internet has opened for us. And with possibilities, ideas are created. Ideas that are meant to ease and improve our lives. In many ways it does. But cynical as I am, I can´t just see the benefits only.