In traditional market research, humans are asked to navigate between communication ideas, assuming that any might be of interest to them; they are nudged into discussing your brand within “the category” as if it had ever occurred to them to place it there; they are probed for “insights” based on the assumption that their emotional connection with your offer runs that deep. In other words, consumer research is commissioned by people who live and breathe the category and/or brand. Conversely, if you wish to become intimate with how people live and breathe, you need to observe and understand how they live and breathe.

I provide ethnographic research and anthropological analysis of contemporary culture, trends and cultural branding. We forecast, track and map human behavior, giving you a true insight into the culture and allowing you to customise brand experience.

Without deep understanding of contemporary culture, companies and organizations are living in doubt, unable to translate these issues. By understanding culture and cultural change one can also understand humans on a more fundamental level. Anthropology within consumer research seeks to understand consumption in a broader context, to analyse the Human Consumer – based on the daily life of the human. The anthropologist’s area of focus is to understand cultural meanings and values in order to differentiate various products, media and brands, and the cultural practices that surround them.