Ethnographic study about Idol

This week our study about the tv programme Idol will be available for everyone who is interested. Just click on this link to Medierådet and order your copy. The report tell you all about the methods used and all insights found!

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One response to “Ethnographic study about Idol

  1. So awsome and exciting – I’m really proud of you guys, and I’ll tell you why.
    You always manage to be one step ahead things… not merely following the trends but preceding them. And that is what you’re all about. Through your excellent work you teach us that our sense moving towards the future might be somewhat deceiving since the ‘future’ has no such spatial qualities so that we could close in on it or move away from it. Our myths of ‘linnear’ time and worship of ‘progress’ provide us with such illusoru sense. Your anthropological work, however, shows us that the future is moving towards us and not the other way around! Now, how ’bout that for an insight!? And, what’s more, this is taking place constantly, whether we like it or not. So you position yourself, strategically, behind those corners that approaching future has to pass on its way towards us… you just lay there in ambush, armed with the pen, a notepad, and genuine curiosity, ready to observe the living f*** out of it… to learn its habits, it’s routines as well as its capricious and wayward ways… in order to be able to anticipate its next step, to forestall it and not let it shock us with any unpleasent whims.
    Congratulations and keep the height!

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