Volvo Subject60 experiment

This report and film is the result of our ethnographic observational study of the Volvo Subject60 tour in Berlin, London, Milan, Paris and Madrid. At each event experiments were weaved into the party environment to trigger the participant’s naughty behavior. An anthropologist was engaged at each event to execute observations with focus on behavior, facial expressions, party mood and reactions to the ‘hidden’ experiments. The task was to observe patterns of behavior in a real world context with the aim to enhance and deepen the understanding of the figures resulting from as well the experiments as the previous quantitative study. By doing cross-cultural comparisons of those five cities we have tried to differentiate between the various types of ‘naughty’ behavior we observed. Are there really cultural differences when it comes to naughtiness?

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2 responses to “Volvo Subject60 experiment

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading about this campaign and discovering the concept of mixing social experiment with the launch party. Having lived in both London and Paris, and speaking Spanish and Italian, I have a reasonably well grounded experience in each of the cities cited (including Berlin).

    That said, the fact that Paris scored so highly is a little suspect… I would love to know more about the criteria… Naughty as in sexy, naughty as in disobedient, naughty as in silly?

    When I ran a brand for a large cosmetics company, one of the leitmotifs of our advertising campaigns was “naughty”… but we only played on one register. Clearly, it was a delicate balancing act since we were distributed in 30+ countries. If you are up for more discussion, I would enjoy going offline! Minter AT themyndset DOT com.

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