Ethnography and trendspotting

By using ethnography one can identify key patterns in the users´ emotinal, functional and social needs. That is what real “trendspotting” is – detailed analysis of behaviour in order to predict change. One have to know that human behavior is likely to lead to some development, such as the human need for comfort is often … Continued

Hattrick and Why do ethnography

For widening the understanding of their own online service, especially how it is perceived by their users, the owners of the text-based football manager game Hattrick and their associates at Tribaling recently called for ethnographic research as one step in the process of making a marketing strategy plan. The research found answers to questions that … Continued

Ecology 2010

We can well state that there is an increasing interest for organic food and the central theme for it circles around environment and health. No one can escape the fact that organic alternatives are on the market. Our informants, disregarding ethnicity, socioeconomic background and education, have all a relative good knowledge of what organic food … Continued