Gatarski, Inculture and Tedxstockholm

Today Richard Gatarski will make a talk at TEDxStocksholm. He has made an interesting experiment at his blog, asking people to contribute:

If this works out I am open for your creativity. Please comment or e-mail me your ideas or material. It might be a video, slides, a manuscript. Whatever that I will be able to present during 55 seconds. Consider the limitations I hinted upon above, and I’ll make a concluding slide listing all contributors. I reserve the right of what to include, and if I at all should fulfill this idea at TEDxStockholm (depending on if I get anything from you). Remember, the theme is “inspiration” and my focus is “best start in life for our children”.

Inculture made a small comment about finding inspiration by looking at how kids behave.


One response to “Gatarski, Inculture and Tedxstockholm

  1. The movieclip with the boy using the newspaper as mousepad is great. I will send it to may journalist friends :)

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