I love eco – or “real ecological” food?

Sara is in the grocery store. She often complains about the lack of “ecological and local products”, they are more real. When she sees someone working in the store she always talk with them about this. They answer her that there are so few people that actually choose the ecological products, they are too expensive. Sara’s trip to the store always makes her irritated. One day her grocery has started a new brand “I love eco”. Sara doesn’t see it, she is too occupied looking for ecological products as usual. When she suddenly realise the new brand she is not interested, it is too mass produced: “that is ecology for the average person”, she says and continues to look for “real ecological” products. (Sara 26 years in the grocery store)

There is evident that many consumers either go for quality or mass production; you go for soul or the general idea. For example; when it comes to food one either chooses ecological or locally produced or cheap canned good without story or localization. It’s a logical process depending on what currency you use in that certain moment.


One response to “I love eco – or “real ecological” food?

  1. Well that’s just the price balancing between several ideologies and world-wide awareness trends. Now, environmental goods that might contribute to sustainable development were a rarity for quite a long time in this post-modern post-industrial world, right. Our concern was twofolded – making a stand and a move in global action for better environment and consuming healthier food. In the process we feel good about ourselves since we’re doing the good thing. The big bad conglomerate monster Kapitalizmo sees that and thinks: “Hey, I can make some money on this!”. Now we have massproduced ecological stuff. The idea of authenticity gets shattered in pieces.

    I wonder if the fact that even this massproduced eco-stuff is better for our environment, If so, then I say: “Hey, whatever brings Kapitalizmo to the party and join the mvement for the cause”. I don’t really care for Capitalismos real goals. Somehow I believe that Kapitalismo can be converted i a grassrott cultural jammer – but it has to be done gradually and step by step, it has to be lead thirsty over the water and ond the other side without even letting it notice it. Next step would be making it think that there’s money to be made in dividing the conglomerats into small local units – authentic real eco-stuff u see.

    hahaha, I don’t really know. I gues what I’m trying to say is only that I’m glad to see the eco-stuff even if some of it is massproduced. That might be viewed as an improvement from “all massproduced and no eco in sight” we’ve had before the trend. I don’t think we should settle wfor this. No! Let’s just call it step one and then just keep on steppin’ further. Either you look at it as a large picture and use currency of philantropic moral obligation to the world or if you just go for self-worth, self-respect and long lasting healthy body, the currency used being the gut feeling, you are still attending the same party, I believe.

    Keep the good work and keep the height!

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