how to merge CRM and CIM without getting too much information

For the past few years CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has been the obvious model for any business interested in creating customer satisfaction. Today’s article in Dagens Media is however pointing out that the next step, CIM (Customer Involvement Management) is crucial for addressing the next generation consumers, that is – people that grew up with … Continued

a pleasure to “go native” with teenagers

A current Inculture project have once again focused my attention on youngsters of today. As much as I get annoyed by the excessive commercial interest in youth culture – it is always a pleasure to “go native” with teenagers on the verge of becoming adults. They always, quite elegant, manage to simplify complicated issues. For … Continued

the downside of the information society

I talked at Daytona Session vol 2 yesterday. One of my themes was generation noll koll (in English it would be something like the generation that don’t know what’s going on, and it’s an allusion to their own definition of media, namely “to know what’s going on”, or in Swedish “att ha koll”). There are … Continued

the multicultural riddle

Neither I can ignore the recent event in Rosengård. In short, currently there is a huge debate in Sweden about the values with in our police force. The incident that fueled the discussion was some recorded racists police statements, aimed at young people in a Swedish suburb populated by, well let’s call them “people with … Continued

daytona session 2

The 12th of February Daytona Session Vol 2 will take place at Rival. I think everyone is welcome, but hurry, it is soon fully booked. Read my guest blog here.

the essence of “time” and “place”

When doing ethnographic fieldwork the understanding of time and place is one of the most essential tools for a cultural analysis. I think it was Stuart Hall, and probably a whole bunch of other cultural theorists, who said that everything that people say is contextual and therefore positioned. So… in order to fully understand a … Continued

being in the known with the consumers

Young consumers are extremely adaptive in their behaviour. They listen to their surroundings, social networks, media, celebrities ect, and learn how to consume. What other say is authentic and real is perceived as authentic. It is the social construction of real that is incorporated in their identity and their actions. I never read the newspapers … Continued