how to get rid of the mountain of waste?

A friend of mine, Kristina Börjesson, has focused her research on affective sustainability, and how the notion of this can help designers to create more sustainable things.

“If designers are reactive: always try to make their design catch up with changing ways of living, what they design risks having a short life. It will feel outdated as soon as new ways of living are in place. If designers are proactive: always try to link the past to the future by recognising the pattern which forms the meaning of objects and buildings (which have proven to stand the time) and also observe human ways of being as manifested in thoughtless acts, the resulting design will have a chance of longevity.”


One response to “how to get rid of the mountain of waste?

  1. Have you published anything about sustainable design? Has Kristina Borjesson any publications? Anthropology and design is a really interesting combination.

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