“entertainment” is dead

No young informant uses the word entertainment when speaking of or describing media. For example, while Omar, 16, likes being entertained by sitcoms, advertising, and music, he never counts media as entertainment. Media is either information or advertising, not “entertainment”. Is it the new definition of “media”? Should all media be informative, either as advertising (informing/selling) or information (informing/spreading reality,) and at the same time being entertaining to on the whole even be able to sort into the category media? Literature is information, media is information, news is information, advertising is information, and entertainment is information. Everything has to be entertaining, that’s the norm.

Entertainment has started to consume domestic and public spaces. It has been so integrated in everyday life so it’s hard to actually separate it. The new expectations to be involved, to produce, to be active has changed the perception of entertainment. Today almost anyone can participate in the entertainment industry. New technologies allow consumers to master the codes of cultural production.


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  1. At a Web Design course at Högskolan Väst, where the students are to design and develop a climate centered site with the goal to establish itself as “‘The top of mind’ site for climate related media content”. The younger students, born 86 and later pushed for a site with an entertaining touch where as the older students wanted to focus on a site with the goal to “make them up to date”…just a thought…

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