a note to the ethnical marketing lady

I am cynical towards ethnical marketing. There is something with that concept that´s just not right. I mean, its sounds right but it´s not – or is it? It´s like when Kanye West sings “You could be my black Kate Moss tonight.” When I first heard it I thought, go Kanye! But when I gave it some thought … I sort of know what he mean but isn’t there better ways of going about it? Returning to the subject. It makes sense that some people want different things depending on their country of origin and “It’s ok to be different”, as a Swedish marketing lady who specialize in ethnical marketing, claims. I am with her so far and again I am thinking, go lady! But then she continues with “If I am targeting Africans (in Sweden) I have to know how they think.” Hmm … I am sure there are better ways of going about it ethnical marketing lady.

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