Ska man verkligen arbeta var man vill?

Aktivitetsbaserade arbetsplatser  handlar om att fullgöra sina arbetsuppgifter oberoende av var dess uppgifter genomförs. Aktivitetsbaserat arbete kan faktiskt tolkas som en annan definition av vad arbete egentligen är. Arbete har ju den senaste tiden förändrats i takt med en ökad möjlighet att inte definiera arbete i relation till en bestämd plats, eller tid om man … Fortsättning

Generation Z

Jag kommer under våren 2016, 8 mars och 12 maj, hålla workshops inom TT Kompetens utbildningsenhet. Innehållet i workshopen är: GENERATION Z – så når du den första digitala generationen Generation Z är postmillenium-generationen, de som är födda cirka 1995-2015. Det är alltså den första generation som inte levt utan mobiltelefon, socialt nätverkande och onlinevideo. … Fortsättning


This year Inculture will start the project InfluencersLab. Influencers, or lead users, inspire other consumers; what lead users are thinking and doing today, other consumers will think and do tomorrow. Having insights into the world of influencers will enable a company to be one step ahead. The insights from the lab will be of anthropological … Fortsättning

Future Conference

Next week I’ll go to Helsingborg and talk about the future at The Future Conference (#futureconf) together with among others Hampus Jakobsson och Teo Härén. Or, I’ll not speek about the future, I’ll speak about now. Because I think that it’s impossible to talk about the future without really understanding what’s going on right now.

Some like anthropologists

In Falun I think they like anthropologists. Last year Dr Bob Deutsch at Brain Sells held a lecture at Norkaydagen, and this year I’ll go there and talk about media behavior and young people. Excerpt from the presentation of the event (in Swedish): Det är med illa dold stolthet vi presenterar årets huvudtalare för Norkaydagen … Fortsättning

Digital generation – Scotland

Talk about the digital generation in Stornoway invited by Professor Robert Dunbar. Robert Dunbar leads an inter-university research project headed by the University of the Highlands and Islands, but also involving the Universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. The project focuses on research relevant to the maintenance and revitalisation of Gaelic. One of the key areas of … Fortsättning

Content is king

Ok, the importance of content, that you’ve heard before… But you can’t say it too many times; seems easy to forget and instead focus on the differences between the digital media devices and the anlog OR just try to do the analog thing in a digital form. This week I talk at Tidskriftseminarium about the … Fortsättning

Digital media culture

Time again to talk about behavior and attitudes related to digital media culture at DagsVara 2013. What human and social consequences are important to pay attention to?

Tendensdagen 2012

I will give a talk at the end of the Tendency Day this year. In my talk I’ll try to give five advice from the anthropological perspective how to develop a brand.

Internetdagarna 22-24 okt

This year I will participate in a panel with the following focus: ”The free word – but who is responsible?”, Wednesday 24th October, Stockholm Waterfront.