Mobile ethnography

This week I’ll meet up with Siamack Salari at Everyday Lives. He and his team has developed a mobile app called EthOS that allows companies or brand owners to watch how their products and services are used by people via video, photos, texts and audio captured through their smartphones. As more and more devices with camera … Fortsättning

Hattrick and Why do ethnography

For widening the understanding of their own online service, especially how it is perceived by their users, the owners of the text-based football manager game Hattrick and their associates at Tribaling recently called for ethnographic research as one step in the process of making a marketing strategy plan. The research found answers to questions that … Fortsättning

Chief Culture Officer

– Without a working knowledge of culture, the corporation lives in a perpetual state of surprise, waiting for the next big storm to hit. Without a CCO, the corporation has no way to perform this crucial piece of threat assessment. – Those are Grant Mc Cracken’s words in the introduction to his new book, Chief … Fortsättning

Generation Noll koll 1

One thing Inculture wants to study deeper with ethnographic method is what we usually refer to as generation noll koll. Our expression refer to the notion that we have a younger generation that doesn’t know what’s going on. It’s used as an allusion to how younger people define media, namely ”to know what’s going on”, … Fortsättning

in-home interviews is not ethnography

Grant McCracken writes about the difference between ethnography and in-home interviews that many people nowadays define as ”ethnography”. Many companies say that if they make interviews in people’s homes it’s ethnography! But they are missing a whole lot of the methodology. McCracken points out 4 important things with ethnography: it’s picking up the telling details, … Fortsättning

the downside of the information society

I talked at Daytona Session vol 2 yesterday. One of my themes was generation noll koll (in English it would be something like the generation that don’t know what’s going on, and it’s an allusion to their own definition of media, namely ”to know what’s going on”, or in Swedish ”att ha koll”). There are … Fortsättning

being in the known with the consumers

Young consumers are extremely adaptive in their behaviour. They listen to their surroundings, social networks, media, celebrities ect, and learn how to consume. What other say is authentic and real is perceived as authentic. It is the social construction of real that is incorporated in their identity and their actions. I never read the newspapers … Fortsättning

konsumentnära varumärkesutveckling*

* This one in Swedish Läste i Svenskan idag en liten text om ”så blir året för reklam”. Där fanns bland annat följande med: Kunden i fokus. Med tunnare plånböcker blir konsumenterna mer nogräknade i sina val, för att kunna tillgodose kundens behov blir det ännu viktigare att känna sin kund. Starka kundrelationer bygger lojalitet, … Fortsättning

75% say no to traditional advertising

Is it something new, that 75% of the consumers say no to traditional advertising?? Well, being involved in consumers’ everyday lives it’s quite obvious; people are tired of old style advertising. Brand communication needs to focus on culture, not the products. When in Malmö and Moving Images (I know it’s a long time ago now… … Fortsättning