Food behavior

Food is a cultural and contextual matter and when you have the luxury of making choices on what to eat, “good food” is one of the most flexible, negotiable and unfixed phenomenon we ever came across. Consumers either go for quality or mass production, homemade or prefab, or both; you go for soul or the … Fortsättning

Social Media Week NYC

Inculture will participate in Social Media Week New York on Wednesday 9th february, 9 AM (New York time). The session is named ”Social media around the world”. Freddie Laker will moderate a roster of on-stage and videocast social media enthusiasts. Through first-hand storytelling and demos, these panelists will discuss how they incorporate social media into … Fortsättning

The perfect home or the perfect me?

If I buy that new remodeled kitchen aid, I´m sure I´ll bake more bread. And if I move to that area close to the art museum I´m sure I´ll go there much more often. And if I get that pituresque little house I´ll finally be truly happy! Recognize these thoughts? Striving for something better is … Fortsättning