Don’t touch my cow

Tomorrow we will present the results from the ethnographic project about ecology and sustainability at Skånes Livsmedelsakademi. After spending a lot of time together with consumers in their homes and when they buy food we can state that the word ”ecology” is more blurring than ever for them. Instead consumers find other concepts that is … Fortsättning

Cutting-edges of ethnography

This weekend we will attend an interesting workshop in Lund initiated by Professor Orvar Löfgren called Irregular Ethnographies. The theme for the workshop is to discuss experiments with new approaches and persepctives on ethnography. What do we learn from taking ethnography into new fields?

Ethnographic study about Idol

This week our study about the tv programme Idol will be available for everyone who is interested. Just click on this link to Medierådet and order your copy. The report tell you all about the methods used and all insights found!