Generation Noll koll 2

The term Generation ”Noll koll” is spreading. Our expression refer to the notion that we have a younger generation that doesn’t know what’s going on. It’s used as an allusion to how younger people define media, namely ”to know what’s going on”, or in Swedish ”att ha koll”. This phenomenon is getting increasingly attention and … Fortsättning

iPod Generation

Radiodays Europe, The annual pan-European radio conference for leaders from public service and commercial radio as well as related industries, is taking place in Copenhagen 17-18th March. The conference is an arena to discuss radio now and in the future. But, what role does radio play in the lives of younger generations? Inculture will reveal … Fortsättning

Fashion make people react

Apparently fashion and the way people dress and choose their clothes is still a much disputed topic. Young adults are often the aim for this discussion. And more often it is older people who are the ones who points fingers.


Ethnography reveals what people really do. It allows you to see patterns of behavior in a real world context. The method answers how and why by everyday life participant observation study.  Saying and acting are separate phenomenon. Ethnography gain insights into how people define and create meaning. Designers, communicators and product developers need to understand … Fortsättning