Old and new media

There are some fundamental differences between “old” and “new” media. Old media is objective and still synonymous with power from an “elite” which is not obvious to trust and also perceived as tedious. New media is free (Internet) and private (cellphone). You are the producer and you decide whether you want to be disturbed or … Fortsättning

Food – A new pop culture

SVT´s new show Landet brunsås was aired 3 weeks ago and as an anthropologist I can´t overlook the anthropological aspect of the show. Food discussions are very common in the anthropological arena and as the late cultural anthropologist Mary Douglas stated in her book Purity and Danger (1966) schemes of classification regarding food exists everywhere.

Think short, or?

Inculture is asked to comment on Dan Herman’s lecture on thursday at Berghs School of Communication. Dr Herman is the man behind the think short paradigm and method: an integrative and comprehensive method for developing, branding and marketing innovations designated to arouse immediate consumer enthusiasm and achieve rapid market penetration and a vast success. It … Fortsättning