Web service award day and longing

Inculture will talk about youth and media consumption at the web service award day. The topic of the day is The Future and the Web and the moderator Richard Gatarski has asked us speakers ”what we long for on the web”. I’ve thought a lot about that and I’ve come to the conclusion that I … Fortsättning

BoBo buys fairtrade coffee and travels to Bali

I make my own muesli – I enjoy picking out the most delicious looking almonds, the most healthy seeds, the most colourful fruits and mix it with organic and fairtrade oatmeal. In that way I start my morning just the way I like it  And, yes, it is very boboitian!

Vote-offs and everyday life

Vote-offs and mean comments from a jury are quite obvious elements in many TV-shows today, which means that one does not really react to it anymore. Young media consumers have become accustomed and used to it. As some of our young informants point out, it would be worse to get voted out by ones friends, … Fortsättning

Second hand feeling – feeling what others feel

Watching a beautiful reunion of a wild lion with its former owner brings many people to tears. Laughing at a little kitten or a cute panda sneezing, or the latest; a baby elephant sneezing and scaring itself. These are sweet little youtube-clips that may brighten our day. There are of course millions – billions maybe?! … Fortsättning