Digital responsibility

We are all aware of the millions of possibilities that the internet has opened for us. And with possibilities, ideas are created. Ideas that are meant to ease and improve our lives. In many ways it does. But cynical as I am, I can´t just see the benefits only. 

MedieAkademin 2009

Tomorrow Inculture will participate in the annual MedieAkademin in Gothenburg. The subject this year is ”Solidarity – the new digital revolution”. In a time of greed and egoism the consumers are concerned with what consequences this will have for the economy, businesses and life in general.

Why focus so much on culture?

Our friend Colin Drummond, Director of Cultural & Business Insights at Crispin Porter + Bogusky Group, explains on why culture is so important in the creative work at the agency. Colin embraces the mishmash of planners, sociologists, journalists and anthropologists and their different framewoks to look upon culture. Is it possible to change culture?

Chief Culture Officer

– Without a working knowledge of culture, the corporation lives in a perpetual state of surprise, waiting for the next big storm to hit. Without a CCO, the corporation has no way to perform this crucial piece of threat assessment. – Those are Grant Mc Cracken’s words in the introduction to his new book, Chief … Fortsättning

Nice review of our book

– An interesting line-up between Graffman – the Dr. anthropologist and Söderström – the senior planner. Elia Morling has written a nice review of our book Konsumentnära varumärkesutveckling. 

Women and radio

Inculture has been looking at women and how they use (and not use) the radio. We continue this year to dig deeper in the media behavior of this group together with Swedish Radio.

Trends and the future

Tomorrow I will participate in a discussion about media consumption in the future at Internetdagarna. The Google Generation (born after 1993) are very competent with technology but use simpler applications and fewer facilities than most people imagine.