Something to think about

This quote from Michel Foucault is worth considering while you rest in the hammock: Interpretation can never be brought to an end, simply because there is nothing to interpret. There is nothing absolutely primary to be interpreted, since fundamentally, everything is already interpretation; every sign is, in itself, not the thing susceptible to interpretation but … Fortsättning

Eating in barcelona

The eating in Barcelona takes place everywhere. There are several “food holes” in the city. It doesn’t seem to bother people to eat in strange food surroundings, with the traffic near by. The food experience, the scent, the taste, overcomes most things!

Gatarski, Inculture and Tedxstockholm

Today Richard Gatarski will make a talk at TEDxStocksholm. He has made an interesting experiment at his blog, asking people to contribute: If this works out I am open for your creativity. Please comment or e-mail me your ideas or material. It might be a video, slides, a manuscript. Whatever that I will be able … Fortsättning