Stockholm exhibition 20092012

The book about Stockholm Exhibition is here. It describes what the exhibition is all about: ”A full scale laboratory for the global urban future. A temporary utopia that will produce real change and transform a segregated suburbia in Stockholm, Järva, into a model for global urban future.” The vision is to step from the modern … Fortsättning

Street corner culture in the suburbs of Sweden

Two current events have made us revisit the theme of street corner culture. One of them is the never-ending fireriots in Rosengård, the other is a recent gathering held with some of our younger informants. It’s very obvious that street corner culture amongst the younger is a symptom of a social exclusion that is two … Fortsättning

Generation Noll koll 1

One thing Inculture wants to study deeper with ethnographic method is what we usually refer to as generation noll koll. Our expression refer to the notion that we have a younger generation that doesn’t know what’s going on. It’s used as an allusion to how younger people define media, namely ”to know what’s going on”, … Fortsättning