The shopping mall in the wild

Driving around in Mauritius, suddenly, in the green wild, a shopping mall. It was a somehow unreal feeling walking around in the mall. It was silent, empty and out of it’s cultural context. I went back several times to see if the emptiness only was a coincidence with my first visit, but no. The lines … Fortsättning

designed by ICA

We often talk about a ”new generation” when describing the use of digital media technique and all applications. For this generation media is something natural; integretaded in everyday life and the difference between consuming and producing is no more. One aspect of the mediated society is how this ”new” generation, especially Generation Z, integrate design … Fortsättning

stuff white people like?

In some way the blogosphere is a great field for ethnographic studies and everything is worth some examination regardless of the topic. It doesn’t always have to be so serious or intellectual, the average person just ain’t that deep. The extremely popular blog (now book and soon to be a tv-series) Stuff White People Like … Fortsättning