like playing a game

I went to Nike store when in NY and suddenly saw this on the wall. And I thought, owaw, Lebron really does understand how it is to be an anthropologist… !

a modern woman

Ask any woman if she considers herself to be a modern woman and few will say “no”. The other alternative is just not attractive. But what does it mean to be a modern woman? ”My baby is only 3 months old and I am starting to feel that urge to be free. Get out. Go to … Fortsättning

trends about consumers and ecological brands

This week Jonas and I will talk about what makes consumers buy ecological brands (or why they not buy) at Dagligvarutrender, Hotel Rival. Modern man is an aware being, this largely due to the information that is available everywhere. When awareness grows the demands for products and services also grows. The conscious human knows she … Fortsättning

a comment to Sabuni’s article

In an article in DN today the Swedish ministry of integretion talk about what to do with the suburb in Sweden. Viktoria was invited to Swedish Television to comment. See the program here.

we are marked before we are born

The other day Swedish Radio sent a program titled Boende påverkar fostret (Housing effects fetus) saying that our housing area lay the foundation for our unborn babies health. The comparison was made between a posh Stockholm area (Östermalm) and a, what they call, a “socially segregated neighborhood” in Stockholm (Fittja). Living conditions and its relation … Fortsättning

I love eco – or ”real ecological” food?

Sara is in the grocery store. She often complains about the lack of “ecological and local products”, they are more real. When she sees someone working in the store she always talk with them about this. They answer her that there are so few people that actually choose the ecological products, they are too expensive. … Fortsättning

att leka svensk

Sorry, this one must be in Swedish. Fältanteckningar, februari 2009. ”Min pappa läser tidningen på morgonen. Svenskan. Han har svensk flickvän, så det är därför. Han skulle inte tänka tanken på att beställa hem tidningen om det inte var för henne.” (Sara 16 år) ”Ahh. Min farsa försökte också göra det …. eller han gjorde det … Fortsättning

recession be damned

While in New York last week we noticed signs of recession, here and there. Less people in the shopping areas, a lot of sales, agressive campaigns in stores and malls, consumers looking twice before buying. But the lovely little store Rice to riches in Nolita, serving rice puddings in different flavors, had a nice sign … Fortsättning

in-home interviews is not ethnography

Grant McCracken writes about the difference between ethnography and in-home interviews that many people nowadays define as ”ethnography”. Many companies say that if they make interviews in people’s homes it’s ethnography! But they are missing a whole lot of the methodology. McCracken points out 4 important things with ethnography: it’s picking up the telling details, … Fortsättning