the secret cook is everywhere

I was on an airplane browsing through a recent Inculture report when a curious/friendly co passenger leaned over my shoulder and asked: “Do you work with ecological food?” The report-title included the term “ecological” so the question wasn’t too far-fetched. I found myself nodding, not in the mood to explain anthropology (hmm) whereupon he started … Fortsättning

the scary world of different business cultures

Overheard at the plane. Two Swedish engineers are talking. – Now we’ll start to work in Russia, that will be… – Oh, their business culture is totally different, strange morale at work… drink vodka to lunch… – It will be much worse than England… – Oh yes. – Sometimes it’s fun with new markets but … Fortsättning

a new world of tranquillity

I went to London to plan a project. ”Let’s meet at The Goring Hotel”, our English associate said, ”it’s nice and cosy”. It was really nice and cosy. But at the table a little note was placed with a quotation on one side: To be able to fill leisure intelligently is the last product of … Fortsättning

consumers’ relation to ecological food

Of all the studies we have done I have never been so puzzled by the one that examined the question above. Food is a cultural and contextual matter and when you have the luxury of making choices on what to eat, “good food” is one of the most flexible, negotiable and unfixed phenomenon we ever … Fortsättning

getting tired of blogging and texting

It is the technical skill in using that generally differentiates the youth’s lives from the adults. Especially in “online life,” where daily use of communication activities are clearly differentiated between the younger and the older. Instant texting, chatting, blogging, communities, are something young people associate with youth. When one is adult one will hopefully have … Fortsättning

konsumentnära varumärkesutveckling*

* This one in Swedish Läste i Svenskan idag en liten text om ”så blir året för reklam”. Där fanns bland annat följande med: Kunden i fokus. Med tunnare plånböcker blir konsumenterna mer nogräknade i sina val, för att kunna tillgodose kundens behov blir det ännu viktigare att känna sin kund. Starka kundrelationer bygger lojalitet, … Fortsättning