how to get rid of the mountain of waste?

A friend of mine, Kristina Börjesson, has focused her research on affective sustainability, and how the notion of this can help designers to create more sustainable things. ”If designers are reactive: always try to make their design catch up with changing ways of living, what they design risks having a short life. It will feel … Fortsättning

the ”private” in life

Christmas time is time to wait. Historian Wolfgang Schivelbush shows in a study of rail travel history how train travel meant that passengers were forced to share cramped spaces with strangers for long periods of time. Here the newspaper came to serve as an excellent means to create ”semi-private” rooms in public. The same applies … Fortsättning

how to know what you didn’t know you knew – and how do you know when you know that what you knew was what you wanted to know?

Crazy, but very relevant. You see, we’ve been doing fieldwork for Vägverket focusing on getting a holistic view of the total experience of driving in relation to road quality. When I was presenting the study yesterday, one of the Research Analysist said: “It is so weird. I have been analyzing details within this field for … Fortsättning

anthropology as a service

This week Siamack Salari will come and give a breakfast seminar at our office. He is the CEO at Everyday Lives based in London. Ethnography is central to everything Everyday Lives does for their clients. Findings are used to inform innovations, concept development, brand strategy, scenario modeling and much more. It will be interesting… So … Fortsättning