media habits

Rashid 17 years
Sometimes reads the local newspapers and enjoys Nacka/Värmdöposten (local newspaper). Likes punkt SE (free newspaper) for the small format but also because it is the newest newspaper he knows of. New things are exciting. Reads regularly and believes it has everything: updated news, large text, and competitions. Rashid is an active member of Playahead, Facebook, and Whoa (online community). He chats regularly on his mobile phone and on Messenger. Knowledge is savviness. Savviness is gained through constant contact with internet newspapers, communities, and blogs, something that is a part of youth. He asks the question: “How will I have the time to have this savviness when I’m grown up?”

Filip 17 years
Once in a while Filip will browse GD (Gefle Dagblad, daily local newspaper) which his parents subscribe to. But that is only if he is bored and has absolutely nothing else to do, for example watch TV, send text messages, or read a sports magazine. The sports section is the best part of GD. His parents often buy both Aftonbladet and Expressen (daily evening newspapers) on their way home from work, and Filip finds these much more interesting. To “get a little broad knowledge” Filip surfs to “There you can enter just about anything and get some facts, it’s usually fun”. Music is very important and Filip downloads lots of songs from the Internet, but he always buys the CDs of those artists he likes, “it would, like, feel wrong to have a burned Uggla (Swedish artist) album, it’s important to have the original CD.”


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