75% say no to traditional advertising

Is it something new, that 75% of the consumers say no to traditional advertising?? Well, being involved in consumers’ everyday lives it’s quite obvious; people are tired of old style advertising. Brand communication needs to focus on culture, not the products. When in Malmö and Moving Images (I know it’s a long time ago now… … Fortsättning

old discourses – wrong food for thought

Even if most of us aspire reflection (for instance relating recent experiences to earlier ones in order to produce more complex thoughts), we sometimes get stuck in old discourses giving us the wrong food for thoughts. Strategies, questions, are being formulated and framed on the basis of this misleading (maybe obsolete) knowledge. I have recently … Fortsättning

”entertainment” is dead

No young informant uses the word entertainment when speaking of or describing media. For example, while Omar, 16, likes being entertained by sitcoms, advertising, and music, he never counts media as entertainment. Media is either information or advertising, not “entertainment”. Is it the new definition of “media”? Should all media be informative, either as advertising … Fortsättning

in the dressing gown

We went to Yasuragi to walk around in the Japanese kimono, or dressing gown as we Swedes say, and plan the new concept Konsumentnära Varumärkesutveckling. Viktoria and Jonas look quite happy!

tip of the day – how to deal with stress when driving

Spending time with informants is such a privilege. Not only do they welcome me into their private lives, they allow me to explore their personal world – an amazing source of information on human behavior. That’s way the ethnographic method is so central for in-depth understanding of people. The other day I was doing fieldwork … Fortsättning

anthropologist visiting an exotic tribe?

When I am presenting our ethnographic findings about media habits amongst the younger generation, it sometimes feels like I am talking about a different tribe. Almost like the old anthropologists, that travelled to Africa or Asia, coming back to describe totally unknown habits and customs from their exotic fieldwork far, far away from home.  Media … Fortsättning

media habits

Rashid 17 years Sometimes reads the local newspapers and enjoys Nacka/Värmdöposten (local newspaper). Likes punkt SE (free newspaper) for the small format but also because it is the newest newspaper he knows of. New things are exciting. Reads aftonbladet.se regularly and believes it has everything: updated news, large text, and competitions. Rashid is an active … Fortsättning