new generation, new ideals

Difficult times have fostered a new type of mentality in Sweden and I am not referring to the crises of today. Kids, youths, that was borne in the 90-ties have always been raised in a state of crises, stress and insecurity. The rest of us, borne in the 40ties, 50ties, 60ties, 70ties and 80ties, we learned that the world is ours, the welfare will protect us and that you work to live – not the other way around. When doing fieldwork among the younger once, it’s obvious that their attitude concerning the crises of today differs from the other generations. And it’s not because they are younger, it’s because they have prepared their whole life for the fact that the future is a personal project. While this is normal for liberal countries, it’s new for an old socialist country. This ”fresh” attitude while change the foundation of whatever it means to be a Swede.



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