new generation, new ideals

Difficult times have fostered a new type of mentality in Sweden and I am not referring to the crises of today. Kids, youths, that was borne in the 90-ties have always been raised in a state of crises, stress and insecurity. The rest of us, borne in the 40ties, 50ties, 60ties, 70ties and 80ties, we … Fortsättning

cultural branding needs ethnographic research

Identity brands are positioned in the consumer’s daily life rather than in their minds. That’s why knowledge about cognitions and the buying decision process won’t help you if that’s what you are trying to accomplish. You need to understand the consumer’s identity projects, their desires and anxieties in their everyday life, collectively constructing and maintaining their identities. … Fortsättning

the multicultural computer world

Since I came back to Sweden from spending almost five years in the US, I quickly realized that I had to make a significant change in my life. It concerned a major alteration of my core habits and values. I had to put my identity to test. You see, I was a Mac-user – but … Fortsättning

sustainable urban lifestyle, part 3

The fourth, and maybe most important point, is that man is a consumer. We consume to express identity rather than to fill basal needs. Consumption of goods is an important way for humans to mark their social status and prestige. In modern society where we no longer are what we produce we instead let the … Fortsättning

sustainable urban lifestyle, part 2

Secondly the information and knowledge is not easily accessible, or even available at all. One doesn’t have the time to get all the information necessary and it takes a great deal of engagement to penetrate the official versions. Or we just don’t want to know too much, it complicates habitual patterns. One doesn’t want to … Fortsättning

matchmaking standard

Whenever I ask women of the same age as me how they met their new boyfriend they say: “On the internet of course. That is the only way to meet someone these days.” Matchmaking through internet is not an alternative any more, it’s the standard.

sustainable urban lifestyle, part 1

Modern man is an aware being, this largely due to the information that is available everywhere. When awareness grows the demands for products and services also grows. The conscious human knows she cannot change the world by herself, but she wants to do something for a better world, these actions make her feel good. But … Fortsättning

we’re all doomed!

It is time to take your money out of the bank. The financial crisis will get you, or at least affect you, one way or the other. And we´re all going down. The other day I was at the library sharing a small study room with two strangers, an elderly lady and a middle-aged man. … Fortsättning