the local ads

The local culture in the global society is important to everyone. Depending on age we tend to focus on different aspects of the local. While the mature might emphasize the need for local ”news”, like political decisions ect, the younger generation focus on what’s happening in local entertainment or the result of the local football game. Another focus is the local advertisement since the audience continues to seek out the goods and services nearby. But it’s crazy to believe that the power of the newspaper – that consumers relate most closely with print media, as many newspaper people say – is the future. Even though advertisement in print media is more likely to make a positive impression (56% of those surveyed said that) compared to ads in tv, it’s a fact that it’s easier to skip the ads in the paper, just to turn a page, than escape a banner or a tv-commercial. When asking people they say that the most negative is the most pushed (tv), meaning the most difficult to avoid. Pushed ads are not the future. Maybe the future of the newspaper will be revealed at INMA conference in Vienna…


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