the local ads

The local culture in the global society is important to everyone. Depending on age we tend to focus on different aspects of the local. While the mature might emphasize the need for local ”news”, like political decisions ect, the younger generation focus on what’s happening in local entertainment or the result of the local football … Fortsättning

a note to the ethnical marketing lady

I am cynical towards ethnical marketing. There is something with that concept that´s just not right. I mean, its sounds right but it´s not – or is it? It´s like when Kanye West sings “You could be my black Kate Moss tonight.” When I first heard it I thought, go Kanye! But when I gave … Fortsättning

it’s complicated

Elliot, R. & Kritsadarat, W. (1998), Brands as Symbolic Resources for The Construction of Identity, International Journal of Advertising, vol. 17 February, 131-144

radio is old media

Radio and newspapers are ”old media” according to the digital natives. ”I can’t stand all those gloomy voices on the public radio”, Aida 16 years old said. How can traditional radio fulfill the needs of the young consumer, the need for a never ending flow of entertainment including news, knowledge, music ect.  Maybe the radio … Fortsättning

what is to become of the Swedish problem child?

Did you know that Sweden is one of Europe’s most segregated, marginalized and enclaved countries? The public opinion usually talks about the financial weaker suburbs as the Swedish problem child (yes in singular – that is förorten). You seldom hear anything positive about these housing areas unless it’s from some dedicated inhabitant that know the … Fortsättning

guided serendipity

What is it with internet that is so seductive for most people? It’s a journey, it’s a click here and then there, and then go back and find something else of interest. To get some ”general knowledge” Filip 17 years old brows to ”It’s great, I can write any word and get some answers … Fortsättning

is it possible to change the values of a culture?

Yesterday I held a lecture at Etablera, a company committed to inspire and support new entrepreneurs in the province of Gästrikland, Sweden. (Doing constant fieldwork gives good hints about future scenarios.) Entrepreneurship is a tricky question in Sweden since it is commonly associated with pessimistic assumptions like: an enormous amount of work, complex systems of … Fortsättning

fake copies

In everyday life the experience of the natural is often connected to things that humans put in their mouths, the food. It is a difference between people coming from areas where the cultivation of for example vegetables and fruits are closer in daily life. One man coming from former Yugoslavia said: ”The tomatoes I ate … Fortsättning